CDRI Scientists Developed a new product for Osteoarthritis

CDRI Scientists Developed a new product for Osteoarthritis:

A first ever breakthrough in the area of osteoarthritis, a most common chronic condition of the joints that afflicts mainly the weight-bearing joints such as hips and knees, and causes physical disabilities. At present there is no viable treatment available for osteoarthritis.CDRI 
Scientists has developed a standardized nano-formulation from Spinaceaoleracea commonly 
known as Palak for treatment of osteoarthritis.

“This was a co-incidental outcome of our research at CDRI when our entire focus was on post-menopausal osteoporosis and fracture healing. We observed that a standardized nano-
formulation of Spinaceaoleracea commonly known as Palak not only had the ability to form 
bone but it also possessed an intrinsic ability to bed more of cartilage cells at affected site.We 
observed that in the osteoarthritis model of rodents, Spinaceaoleracea repaired and cured the degenerated cartilage.Soon this drug will be available in the market as it has been licensed to 
Pharmanza Pvt. Ltd today on 31st of July 2017, said Dr Ritu Trivedi, Bone biologist and team 
leader for this formulation.

Osteoarthritis may be considered as a problem of old age but in contrast it is the most common 
form of joint disease, that can strike in younger age groups too. “Most people think arthritis is an 
inevitable part of ageing, but in fact, it can affect anyone at any age,” “Regardless of age, the 
condition can have a significant negative impact on healthy life.”

In India ~39% people suffer from Osteoarthritis. Out of this 45% of women above 65 years 
experience symptoms and 70% of them have x-ray evidence of Osteoarthritis. Postmenopausal 
women with osteoarthritis have a 20% increased risk of fracture.

Many factors can contribute to the development of the condition, including genetics, weight and 
joint injury. Wear and tear injuries can be common, and joint pain is something many, if not 
most, people will experience at certain points. 
At present there are no drugs in the market especially any orally available drug for osteoarthritis. 

Only symptomatic treatments are available with pain killers like ibuprofen, naproxen. There are 
reports that these drugs on long term use show liver toxicity.

Director, CSIR-CDRI, Dr Madhu Dikshit said, based on the results of our research our drug shows no toxicity and is effective at lower doses with the nano-formulation. We have identified four bio-markers in the extract that possibly impart efficacy in repairing the cartilage at the knee joint. 

Director, Pharmanza Pvt. Ltd, Mr. L. Hongorani said on the occasion of licensing of this new 
drug, We are happy to sign another licensing in consecutive year with CSIR-CDRI, This drug 
would be very helpful in curing of osteoarthritis and will come in market soon.

Team of Researchers includes Scientists led by- Ritu Trivedi (Bone Biologist),Prabhat Ranjan Mishra (formulation expert), Rakesh Maurya (Medicinal chemist), Jawaharlal (Pharmacokinetics), S.K. Rath (Toxicity). Students:Dharmendra Choudhary
Sulekha Adhikary, Naseer Ahmad, Priyanka Kothari, Ashish Tripathi, Naresh Mittapelly , Gitu
Pandey, Sudhir Kumar , Kapil Dev Patent Number 0245NF2015 has been filed: Formulation of Spinaceaoleracea for the prevention and /or treatment of bone related disorders.

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